MKM Founder

The Queen behind Melanin King Monday....

I am originally from Jacksonville, FL and moved to Orlando where I resided for 11 ½ years. My plan was to move to Atlanta after 2 years and well, God had different plans for me. Since the age of four I have spoken that Atlanta would one day be my home. Around age 11 I began coming to Atlanta to spend the summer with my auntie who also happens to be my Godmother. I always loved the culture here and Georgia always felt like home. I couldn’t wait to go on summer break so that I could get here and spend 3 months immersed in FUN! I loved that there was always something for me to do and my older cousin would make sure to help me enjoy my teenage years. I never quite knew exactly what it was that I was destined to do here, but I KNEW without a doubt that I would birth something great in Atlanta. 

Melanin King is born...

I had a very difficult, tumultuous relationship that ended due to physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. I lost myself and I got far away from God...VERY far. The road back has been difficult and at times I honestly felt it would be better if I just gave up and believed in nothing. However, that small bit of faith I still possessed wouldn’t allow me to throw in the towel just yet. I decided to pray on moving to Atlanta and if God said move, I was OUT! I got the go ahead, but it wasn’t going to be easy. I moved to Atlanta in October of 2017 and it was rough. I felt like something wonderful was supposed to happen for me because I felt in my spirit this was the right move. I knew I heard God correctly so why was there so much Hell happening after all of the Hell I had already been through?! I was being stretched and prepared for this next season. I started Melanin King Monday in November of 2017 on my personal IG, and the result was...meh. There are so many wonderful, beautiful, purposed men of color that I follow and I wanted to pay homage. I wanted a way to acknowledge all that they are doing and to let others see how much of an impact men of color really do have on this world. I wanted to do my small part in offering support and encouragement; to let them see that someone has their back and that they should keep going because their efforts are not in vain. I let it go thinking maybe I just wasn’t popular enough or people weren’t really interested in what I was trying to do, which is to honor the black man. But, have you ever had something that just would not let you go? Melanin King Monday was my something. I said to myself, “Self”, Myself said, “hmmm” and I said, “Let’s do this on another IG page and not tell anyone it’s you except a few whom you know will truly support”. I am so happy that I didn't give up and instead decided to change my approach. The page has gotten exposure in a way I don’t think it would have been seen had I not separated it from my personal space. God spoke to me and told me to take this further than just posting on Instagram. He has given me true vision and I believe that this movement will change lives and create a sense of power and love that has been lacking for men of color. Because I want to be obedient in honoring God and black/brown men I am listening and willing to come out of my place of comfort to do what is being asked of me. This experience is new for me and while I am excited I am so terrified. I have decided that I will be authentic and I will be ME at all times. I will change the narrative on how our men are received and perceived. I will break barriers and I will show that our Kings are more than entertainers and athletes. We are the origin of EVERYTHING and if we support the efforts of the black/brown men who are already making a difference, we can surely awaken the King in others who desire to not only be great, but be PURPOSED. 

Melanin King Monday is about uplifting the black/brown men around this planet that are moving in PURPOSE. My goal is to bring awareness to the creative and innovative methods they are using to change our communities. 

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