Heaven in a Cupcake

Do you love food? I do too! As an adult, I have especially grown more fond of sweets… particularly cupcakes (inserts “yummy” emoji)! I have dubbed myself as a sort of cupcake connoisseur if you will. So, with my refined expertise and knack for finding cupcake deliciousness, I wanted to share one King that I recently discovered has the most moist, melt in your mouth, flavorFILLED cupcake I have tasted in a while.

For 12 days, I participated in a fast with my church which included 12 nights of prayer. The fast ended on January 17, 2020 and after service there was a cupcake booth I was advised I just HAD to go to. I stood in line and eyed the situation acknowledging that the available options were red velvet, German chocolate and lemon. I’m not too big on red velvet so that was out for me. I also do not enjoy the texture of coconut so German chocolate was out for me as well. That left lemon. I made my purchase, took note of the nice packaging, napkin with fork and bag I was given and came home.

Needless to say, after 12 days of not meat or sweets, once I finished eating my turkey burger sliders (blog on those later) I didn’t have room for the cupcake. I placed it in the fridge and decided to partake the next day. The following day I was concerned the cupcake had hardened and the icing would no longer be tasty. Boy was I completely WRONG! I let the cake rest for about 20 minutes to get the chill off and bit into it. Still moist! Still smooth! Still simply delish! The King Deon Fisher, aka D’Cups has a customer for LIFE! I can’t wait to check out some of the other flavors. You can check out this King’s heavenly creations on social media platforms @DCupsAtl. Please check his page(s) out and show him and your tummy some love!




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