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Food is both my friend and my enemy; so my frenemy. During the fast that I participated in with my church, that was one thing that I prayed about. I want to have better control over myself when it comes to food and also eat more healthy as well. I want to be more intentional about not eating out of boredom and if I do give in to that, make much healthier choices. What we eat affects our minds, and our spirits as well as our bodies. If after eating you’re sluggish and feel unsettled, could it be due to what you consumed and not how much you consumed?

I am so blessed to be a partner at The dReam Center Church of Atlanta. There are so may talented and gifted spirits there with so much to offer the world. During the fast we were all looking for foods that were in alignment with the rules AND that would fill us. That part was challenging at times but we all made it through. Little did I know, the real challenge was what would happen once we could eat “normal” again. I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t become a human trashcan and be more conscious about what I was going to eat moving forward.

Once again, my church fam put me on! In the previous blog (heaven-in-a-cupcake) I mentioned these turkey burger sliders that I ate once the fast with my church was over. Man listen! They were moist and although they had cheese, it wasn’t overbearing and only added to the flavor of the burgers. I wanted to start off light and these did it for me. I received four (4) with my purchase, but I only ate 2 the first night and the other two the following day. I was fulfilled without being stuffed and miserable AND I definitely wanted more! The King that supplied us with the delectable burgers (and the spinach dip I’m going to discuss on the Melanin King Monday IG page) is none other than @issacsgourmentcatering on IG. Isaac is a tv and film caterer and the creator of a fruit infused alcoholic drink movement that I won’t mention here since we’re not partnered ๐Ÿ™‚ Go to his page, check out his pics, FOLLOW him and HIRE him to cater your next event! You will NOT be disappointed. Thankful for my new Kulinary King discovery and TRUST Melanin King Monday is just getting started in this world of black owned good eats!




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