The King of M.O.V.E.

When Rona struck I had just started going to the gym a couple of months prior. I was in a space where I needed to get my mind and body right. A friend was coming with me (because I have severe gym anxiety) and we had our routine down pact. I was just starting to see results and then BOOM…gym closed! For the first month or so I literally just worked and came home. I have weights and a yoga mat at home but I really was not motivated at all. I found myself getting back into the old habits and routines and I completely let my fitness goals go out of the window. Smh.

Flash forward to a few months passing and the event that would be the catalyst for my fitness goals to be met. I am a brand affiliate for a black female owned brand that promotes community, good health and wealth for women of color that are business owners. We had a speed networking event and that would be when I met Ciera, the beautiful, accomplished, then girlfriend, now fiance’ to the King highlighted today…Reginald “Mayday” May. God sending Ciera into my midst would cause me to learn of this great fitness program that Mayday has called M.O.V.E. and we DO! This fitness program makes me sweat, sweat! The issue I was having when I was going to the gym was that I was seeing results but for the time I had been going, I felt that I should have been further along in my journey.  M.O.V.E. changed alladat! 

Reginald used M.O.V.E. to change his life after some much needed self reflection and a strong desire for wanting to change how he felt about himself and about where his life was headed. A deep yearning for a positive and healthy life became the incentive for his mission and I think he has accomplished that. Fitness became a lifestyle and with his knowledge he began to use what he had learned to help others become healthier in mind, body and spirit. Transformation of the body starts with the mind and the influence that is incited when you participate in M.O.V.E. can only cause you to want to do and to be better because you see that Reginald wants it for you.

During the 45-60 minute workout you get your motivation and push from Mr. May! There are times when I feel like he can actually see me because I have slowed my pace or am about to just say F it and give up! He charges us to “keep moving, keep pushing!” The music is on point and we M.O.V.E. with it. I won’t lie, sometimes I’m so ready for it to be over, but I feel really great about myself because I got through it. I definitely see the difference in my body and those that are close to me have told me as well they notice the change. I highly recommend this King and his programs. He is a trainer at The Loft ATL and you can sign up with him for personal training both in person and virtually. Follow him on IG @maydayfitness_atl. Reginald and Ciera host M.O.V.E. on his LIVE via Facebook and IG every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm. Go check out his pages and his programs. Once outside feels safe…to ME I plan on heading to The Loft to take advantage of M.O.V.E. in person. If you need to sweat forreal and are looking for an excellent workout program that is effective, and uhhh, kinda fun lol, M.O.V.E. is for you!



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